About Us

Boxwood Development Services, LLC was founded in 2001 in the state of New Jersey.  Our mission is to support agencies that are transforming lives.

Where did the name “Boxwood” come from?

If you ever get a chance to stand in the middle of a boxwood garden, you will probably be amazed by the collection of flowers arranged together to form intricate designs through colors, heights and depths. The sight of these extraordinary gardens takes you to an ideal world.  A place where there’s no rushing to the next meeting, no stressing about paying this month’s bills, or no medical emergencies, because all is well.

In respect to the charitable world, Boxwood is a place where you don’t wear multiple hats, a place where money flows like honey, a place where serious measurable impacts are made in the community and a place where everyone praises you, including the government.  Our team is prepared to help you in not only meeting your goals, but also in exceeding them.

About the founder

Marie Thelusma-Chase, President-CEO of Boxwood Development Services LLC, is a mission-driven outcome management consultant for non-profit and government agencies that are transforming communities.  She is a certified fundraising executive with expertise in several areas:

  • Develop outcome-based database applications for nonprofit agencies that improve the way they track results. Sample projects: tutoring program, case management for senior services.
  • Assist agencies manage outcomes for sustainability and longevity. Sample results for one client: agency growth from 3 to 21 employees, within two years; program impact from 15 students at risk of failing to 100 students performing at or above grade level; program replication from one site to five sites.
  • Developed fundraising plans and prepared grant applications that led to grant awards from federal, state, and municipal governments (e.g. Americorps, NJ Juvenile Justice Commission, Workforce Investment Boards).


“Four years ago, we participated in an outcomes measurement training program which you (Marie Thelusma-Chase)  co-led in New York City.  At the time, we are more and more realizing the need for a funding perspective as well as a program effectiveness perspective, that we needed to be more active in measuring the impact of our work.  We participated in this outcomes measurement workshop and gained many new ideas and practices for effectively evaluating our programs and for identifying ways to measure impact and communicate this to stakeholders.  You were excellent at sitting with our group to help us identify goals and strategies.  You were also a clear presenter, always quite good at understanding the questions asked and responding in helpful ways. 

Since the workshop, CANY has become one of the few arts therapy organizations with hard data on outcomes measurement.  We have also become more focused on our program mission and goals and identified more clearly what we are trying to accomplish, how, and for whom.  This clarity has made a great difference in our grant writing, marketing and branding, and our ability to speak to donors about our mission.  One-on-one sessions and capacity building workshops are critical these days for sustainability” – Jonathan Hilton, CANY, Executive Director


“Ms. Thelusma assisted Brand New Day in the grant writing of two Youthbuild grants which were awarded.  This program is giving 75 at-risk young adults a second chance at life by providing high school diploma; financial fitness education; construction training and leadership development training, all essential tools to secure professional jobs in the construction industry.  We support the Boxwood Development Services in all that they do” – Brand New Day